Jamon Deaver is originally from Kentucky, but now hails from Chicago, IL. During his past 12 years in Chicago, Jamon’s career has included brand oversight for Hard Rock Hotels, film and photography direction and production, and creative direction at Golin, a global public relations agency with superstar clients like McDonald’s, General Mills, and Walmart.

Most recently, Jamon was Director of Client Experience (DOCE) at SimplyBe Agency, a Chicago-based boutique creative agency specializing in personal branding. As DOCE, Jamon led the account team, providing strategic thinking, collaboration, and processes to drive internal excellence and help the day-to-day business run smoothly.

He’s got the experience, he’s got the talent, he’s got the drive, and he’s got a whole bunch of Converse sneakers to grace the halls of our office with. Adding him to our team was a no-brainer, and even though he’ll be splitting his time between Lexington and Chicago, we’re happy to split custody if it means bringing on such a well-rounded member to our team.