Anyone who has moved out of their parents house and started cooking for themselves knows that spices make a world of difference. Spices introduce dynamic, bold, and exciting flavors to otherwise bland foods, so it’s only natural that their packaging reflects that.

That’s why we helped Corey’s Kitchen redesign their line of mouthwatering spice mixes (seriously, you should try them.) The new design features hand-drawn graphic elements and eye-catching color combinations to help them stand out amongst competitors at the supermarket. And while we could keep going, just see for yourself...

Our team, and Corey, love the work we did, and the judges of the 59th Graphic Design USA Awards agreed—earning us a 2022 Graphic Design Award! At Cornett, we’re passionate about taking on pro bono projects to help good people, and having that work recognized is just icing on the cake.

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