Recent UFO revelations and advances in deep space imaging have fueled the belief that we are not alone in the universe. Seizing the moment, Cornett and VisitLEX, the Lexington Convention and Visitors Bureau, created an advertising campaign that goes beyond the usual travel markets. Way beyond. 

Using an infrared laser, VisitLEX and a team of scientists and scholars from Lexington beamed a message toward potentially habitable planets in the TRAPPIST-1 solar system 40 light years away. The message, which was sent from the Kentucky Horse Park, is intended to invite extraterrestrial travelers to Lexington.

VisitLEX and Cornett have a history of forward-thinking marketing, like award-winning Horse Kicks and The Queen’s Gambit hotel room makeover. But this campaign takes the innovation out of this world.

Contents of the message range from photos of Lexington, to an audio recording from legendary blues musician Tee Dee Young, to a coded bitmap image containing clues to the origin and intent of the transmission.  

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