Like most ad agencies, we spend 99% of our time on client work. But occasionally, we like to have a little fun on the side and show the world what we’re about. These are some of our favorite side projects designed to get a little (sometimes a lot) of buzz and earned media for Cornett.


“A Clever Idea For Reinventing The Corporate ‘About’ Page” – Fast Company

“Taking inspiration from the Internet’s all-abiding love for things organized neatly, the Kentucky-based design and branding firm asked their employees to come to work with their 10 essential items: the objects they just couldn’t live without. After photographing what their employees brought in, they made the resulting gallery the company’s corporate “About” page.” –
Fast Company

“These photographs say more at a glance than a mission statement or organization chart ever could.” – Fast Company

Employees favorite possessions say more than a company bio ever could.” –

The best ‘About Us’ page you’ve seen this year” –
Creative Bloq


“Introducing Beardvertising: Tiny Billboards That Clip on to Your Beard This could work, right? ” – ADWEEK

A&W Is Paying to Put Mini Ads In Men’s Beards” – Business Insider

Men With Epic Beards – Want To Make Some Extra Money” – Buzzfeed

“‘Beardvertising’ Campaign Aims To Get Whiskered Hipsters Wearing Ads In Their Beards” – Huffington Post

Dollar Shave Club and A&W Restaurants start Beardvertising” – The Drum

Webby Award Winner


“Your Agency Needs This Buzzword Jar You Pay Every Time You Spout Dumb Marketing Jargon” – AdWeek

“Jargon disruption: A ‘marketing buzzword jar’ for thought leaders and innovators” – Digiday


“Rock Out With Your Font Out: What Happens When Brands Get A Heavy Metal Makeover” – Fast Company

“Heavy Metal-Inspired Typography Reinvents Iconic Logos” – Creative Bloq

“Corporate Logos Get a Heavy Metal Facelift” – Metal Injection

“Popular Corporate Brands Re-imagined as Metal Logos” – Metal Sucks

“Famous Brand Logos Redesigned With Typography Inspired By Heavy Metal Music” – DesignTAXI

“Heavy Metal Brands” – Brand New


“Hipster Brands With Corporate Logos” – Brand New

“19 Hipster Logos Rebranded As Evil Corporate Doppelgangers” – Fast Co.Design

“16 Hipster Companies Rebranded As The Corporate Giants They Hate” – Buzzfeed

“Experiment gives hip brands uncool logos” – Digiday

“See Your Beloved Hipster Brands Transformed Into Uncool Corporate Giants” – Fast Co.Create

“Here’s What Hipster Brand Logos Would Look Like If They Were Redesigned To Be Corporate” – TIME

“Hipster Brand Logos Gone Horribly Corporate” – Design TAXI

“Hipster Brands Become Corporate Sell-Outs With These Logo Redesigns” – Creative Bloq

“Cringe-Worthy Corporate Makeovers of Hip Indie Brands” – Laughing Squid