Last summer, we committed to make changes in how CORNETT thinks, looks, works, and interacts with our community. We also committed to staying publicly accountable to those goals through regular updates like this one.

Change the Way CORNETT thinks.
We’ve continued to have regular small group discussions following our completion of the America & Moore 21-day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge. In these discussions, we’ve talked about how our work and our culture has benefited from what we’ve learned, and how we want to continue to make progress towards a more inclusive culture at CORNETT.Along with the other agencies participating in BLAC, we took part in a workshop hosted by Courageous Conversations, which gave us all a framework to engage in conversations about race and privilege.Our Commit to Change PTO policy, which gives all full-time employees three days a year to dedicate to workshops, volunteer opportunities, personal projects, educational trips and other endeavors centered on personal growth or community impact, has been embraced by many of our employees as a way to give back to Black-led and Black-focused organizations in our community. We’ve provided pro-bono branding and strategy work for groups like Black Soil: Our Better Nature, Common Good, and Corey’s Kitchen Collection, and are looking forward to continuing this work the rest of 2021 and beyond.

Change the way CORNETT looks.
We’ve added several new hires to CORNETT so far in 2021, and are thrilled that this is our most diverse group of new hires ever. We’re excited to have their perspectives, talents and skillsets on our team.As we grow our team, we’ve been working toward our goal of offering half of our interview slots to BIPOC candidates, but we haven’t gotten there yet. We’ve been learning that, to meet that goal, we need to change the way we post and recruit for positions, and are still looking for the best ways to do that in order to find the candidates we’re looking for. Along with a group of independent agencies across the country, we helped launch BLAC—Building Leaders and Creators—a paid, remote summer internship for Black creative thinkers. CORNETT welcomed four interns to our team in May, and they’re currently working on real agency projects in addition to their work for Proctor & Gamble through the program.In keeping with our commitment to publicly reporting our workforce diversity data, our current demographics are below. Our demographics from last summer can be found in our original Commit to Change announcement.

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Change the way CORNETT works. We continue to find ways to add more perspectives to our teams and our projects—and we’ve seen how that has improved our work. We look forward to making new connections and building new partnerships within the wider creative community, making work that’s more inclusive, more powerful, and more representative of the world in which we live.