How we used influencers to hack the Facebook algorithm.
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Everyone has a story.

Most people don’t want to engage with a healthcare brand unless they have an immediate need. After all, why would you? That was the challenge presented to us by UK HealthCare.

So what did we do? We created a narrative-driven film that tugged at people’s heartstrings and showed UK HealthCare’s real impact. But how do you get the spot to reach the target audience and get people to engage with it? Easy. You hack the system.

We connected with 43 local influencers ranging from sports celebrities to fashion bloggers to comment on and share the spot as soon as it launched, and more importantly, share their own UK HealthCare story—oh yeah, and we did it with an influence budget of only $12,000.

It spread like wildfire. As we learned, when it comes to social media, who is telling the story is often as important as what your story is about.


views after one month.


Exceeded the brand’s average post reach


Exceeded the brand’s average post engagements


Exceeded the brand’s average video views