How we helped UK HealthCare and Big Blue Nation break a Guinness World Record.
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Loud & proud.

Kentucky’s Rupp Arena is one of the world’s great sports venues and home to the greatest tradition in college basketball. With the attention and energy that would surround a regular season matchup with a fellow blueblood like Kansas, we had a unique opportunity to put the UK HealthCare brand in the middle of something special.

So, aligning with UK HealthCare’s “The Power of Advanced Medicine” positioning, we set out to prove the power of Big Blue Nation by setting the Guinness World Record for “The World’s Loudest Indoor Crowd Roar.”

#TurnUpRupp became our rallying cry for fans. And rally it did. To the tune of 126.4 decibels, a new Guinness World Record. It truly was a spectacle, aided by the legendary Michael Buffer delivering an introduction, Lexington’s own Steve Zahn amping the crowd and nearly 24,000 members of Big Blue Nation cheering until they turned blue.

Well, more blue.


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