Calling a truce to the Chicken Sandwich War with a sensual suite of offbeat Valentine’s Day gifts from America’s oldest QSR chain.
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What the world needs now is love

Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders are a staple of the A&W menu. For Valentine’s Day, we helped America’s oldest QSR chain call a truce to the raging Chicken Sandwich War and encourage humanity to make Chicken Tender Lovin’ with a sensual suite of offbeat gifts instead.

Offerings included Hand-Breaded Chicken Tender Body Pillows, an oversized piece of literal comfort food for those spending the holiday without a sweetheart to snuggle up with, and tins of mouth-watering Tender Lovin’ Lip Balm made with REAL A&W fryer oil. Guaranteed to keep lips kissably smooth and put your Valentine in the mood for some hot...steamy...A&W.

All those bighearted vibes were commemorated in a Psychedelic Anti-Chicken Sandwich War Poster made to inspire everyone to put down their buns and spread a little Tender Lovin’.

After all, Valentine’s Day or not, what the world needs now isn’t another overhyped sandwich. What the world needs now is love. Sweet, Hand-Breaded Chicken Tender love.


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