A pro bono brand refresh for the holiest spirit—premium sipping tequila made by an Epsicopal priest in service of migrant children.
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Celebrity tequilas be damned!

There’s no shortage of tequilas on the market, but only one can lay claim to the supernatural.

Sanctus Aquam Premium Tequila heeds a higher calling—helping migrant children escape violence and poverty—and it is literally blessed by its founder, progressive Episcopal priest Rev. Lorenzo Lebrija.

All proceeds from the sale of Sanctus Aquam, which is Latin for “holy water,” are donated to Border Compassion, a nonprofit dedicated to assisting refugee children at the US-Mexico border.

To help tell the remarkable story behind this exceptional product, we hooked the brand up with some fresh new creative that doesn’t shy away from the inherent tensions of a liquor with religious origins. The result is something everyone, sinners and saints, can get behind.