How we helped A&W develop the look and feel of a new restaurant concept.
Brand Positioning & Strategy  
Brand Identity

HIP nostalgia

For over 100 years, A&W has remained an All-American icon of a restaurant franchise. But heritage only goes so far. The expectations of modern quick service restaurant consumers have evolved, with an emphasis on quality, authenticity and strong storytelling.

When A&W looked to develop a completely new fast-casual restaurant concept dedicated to premium, fresh burgers cooked-to-order on a grill, hand-breaded chicken tenders and signature Root Beer Floats, we jumped at the chance to help write a new chapter in the brand’s rich history.

In collaboration with A&W’s marketing, operations and franchise development teams, we defined the aesthetic and experience of a completely new store concept based on what we called “hip nostalgia.”

Interior textures, materials, customer experience, point-of-sale, exterior design—we had a hand in nearly every decision. It’s a testament to blurring the lines between your operational efforts and your branding efforts. Because, in the end, they truly are one in the same.