Introducing Lexington, Kentucky, to a whole new crowd with custom sneakers that could only come from the Horse Capital of the World.
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As a Convention and Visitors Bureau, VisitLEX’s primary business objective is to boost awareness and enhance perceptions of Lexington, Kentucky, as a travel destination.

Our challenge: differentiate ourselves from rival cities and get new audiences talking about the Horse Capital of the World.  

Our solution: Sneakers for horses.


Horse Kicks started as a stunt. But after partnering with local sneaker artist Marcus Floyd, it quickly became a very real brand with a very real product—and eventually, very real demand, pioneering a whole new sneaker category.

Lexington gained international relevance among a whole new audience of sneakerheads and horse lovers, joining together equine and sneaker cultures in the most unexpected of ways.

In total, Horse Kicks amounted to an estimated $103 million advertising dollars for VisitLEX in earned impressions, shifting perceptions of Lexington, building equity in its claim as The Horse Capital of the World and elevating a local artist on a global stage.

The case study video explains the ensuing hype better than words ever could. So watch it.


“Help Your Horse Become a Sneakerhead with Horse Kicks”

“You Can Buy Hyped Sneakers for Your Horse Now”

“You Can Now Buy $1,200 Sneakers”

“This Kentucky Sneakerhead is Extending 'Drip' to Hooves”


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