Taking a century-old chain restaurant from one of ‘Ten Brands That Will Disappear in 2012’ to record sales.
Integrated Creative Campaign  
Brand Identity

All-American swagger.

Established in 1919, A&W made its name as the first chain of roadside restaurants, serving signature root beer and classic American food. Boomers fondly remember the “carhop era” and have strong associations with the iconic restaurant.

With “A&W 2.0,” we developed a brand refresh that would remind Boomers what they love about A&W while simultaneously engaging a new generation of customers, coinciding with the development of a new fast-casual restaurant concept.

Our basis for connecting with both targets was a branding identity internally known as “Hip Nostalgia.” In developing a fresh identity rooted in the brand’s rich heritage, we looked back to look forward. We closely traced the brand’s history to find a sense of timelessness, and connected it to the values of our audience, inspiring big creative thinking that has helped A&W enter a new era of cultural relevance.