Bringing people together with bourbon

Yes, we’re biased, but we think Lexington is a pretty incredible place. So much so that we want to share it with the world by having people come and see it for themselves. But…how? You find common ground.

See, Chicagoans really love their bourbon, just like we do. That’s why we brought Lexington to the streets of Chicago. We hit them with a larger-than-life execution promoting two of Lexington’s most unique attractions: bourbon and horses.

The campaign took over Jackson Station’s upper and lower tunnels, a sponsored Garden & Gun dinner, influencer endorsements and geo-targeted ads that ran in conjunction with Chicago’s Whisky Fest—all driving people towards so they could start planning their trips to Lexington.

This wasn’t just a campaign. It was the birth of a relationship with Chicagoans that we’ve only continued to build on since.