A more editorial approach to destination marketing. No off-putting adspeak. No voice-overs. Just vibes.
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make art not ads

What really makes people want to break out of their routine and go someplace new? What really inspires a local’s pride in their city? More often than not, it’s not an ad. It’s an iconic scene from a beautiful movie. It’s a song. It’s a DIY social media video that truly captures the feeling, the vibe, of a particular time and place.

By using art, not advertising, to inspire a new style of creative messaging for VisitLEX, the goal of the LEX Vibes campaign was to produce unobtrusive content that evokes Lexington’s unique spirit and arouses the desire to experience it firsthand.

Since every Lexington experience has its own unique vibe, the style, typography, and music of each piece of content was chosen to match that mood as opposed to often arbitrary brand guidelines, reflecting a more editorial approach to destination marketing.

It worked like a charm.