Team Valvoline


As long as there has been auto racing, Valvoline has been under the hood, empowering race teams to push themselves in the garage and on the track.  In fact, the first organized auto race in America was won with Valvoline in the engine.

So we're thrilled to have worked with Valvoline to launch and the new Pro-V Racing Product Line, an unprecedented endeavor in leading the future of the auto industry.

Team Valvoline is an initiative to continue driving the evolution of auto racing through providing the absolute best in racing oils and lubricants, while also sharing industry knowledge that can help racers everywhere improve their craft.

The site is home to the storefront for the new Pro-V Racing product line, featuring premium oils and lubricants formulated with the same technologies used by Valvoline's professional race partners such as Hendrick Motorsports, JR Motorsports, Kasey Kahne Racing and more.

The "Learn" section of the site is dedicated to sharing valuable, hands-on expertise from Valvoline drivers, engineers and crew members - some of the greatest minds in the industry sharing practical knowledge.

Team Valvoline members are rewarded for almost every activity on the site, whether it be purchases in the shop, watching videos, or sharing content.  Rewards points can be redeemed for discounts on purchases, certification fees and exclusive racing experiences.

The site is also the source of materials for motor oil education and certification for thousands of vocational career tech schools across the nation, helping to foster the next generation of auto professionals.

Altogether, Team Valvoline is a powerful resource for anybody in the auto and racing community.

Cornett was involved in nearly every measure of building Team Valvoline, including concept development, site design, e-commerce and CRM implementation, content direction and promotion.

We're extremely proud of the work, take a look for yourself!