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Southern Starts Here


Locals have known for a while that Lexington is a special place.  But recently, our city has witnessed a downtown Renaissance of sorts - emerging new restaurants, breweries, community events, arts programming, development projects and plenty more.  It's an exciting time to live in Lexington, and an incredible time to visit "The Horse Capital of the World".  So when we embarked on developing a new tourism campaign for VisitLEX, we were chomping at the bit to show the world everything we love about the place in which we work and play.

The goals of our campaign were simple: spread Lexington's new "gospel of cool" and increase tourism.

Through research, we learned that modern travelers crave real experiences, to take in the local color, not to be herded and isolated in the everyday tourist traps.  So our campaign was built through interviewing proud Lexingtonians, asking them to share their favorite things to do around the city - real, authentic and unique experiences that could communicate the exciting story of our city to leisure travelers.  Beyond highlighting Lexington's best experiences, we also wanted to clearly communicate our city's sense of hospitality and heritage, reinforcing the idea that "Southern Starts Here".  The interviews were used to build all components of the campaign, from print, to online video and digital displays.

Locals such as famed Gardener Jon Carloftis, Chef and Restaurateur Ouita Michel, and Horse Farm Owners Antony and Angela Beck have all shared their favorite experiences throughout the campaign.

Along with the success of the #ShareTheLex local activation campaign, we've built the means for aggregating new authentic content, allowing us to keep a constant finger on the pulse of what our locals are experiencing, while empowering our citizens to share our story with potential visitors.  As new experiences emerge and our city grows, we'll be able to share with our target audience in real time.

It's exciting, unique and ever evolving...just like our city.