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Our web design for A&W Restaurants was built around a careful balance of the old and the new. Simple graphic elements and classic photography helped capture the brand's heritage, but everything was presented in a way that is fresh and contemporary. We wanted a highly interactive and personalized experience, a local feel, so we incorporated specific information to the user's nearest A&W front and center. But it also had to capture the fun nature of the brand, which is where our site's "Fun Stuff" and "Rooty's Corner" pages came in. "Fun Stuff" included a "Now & Then" game, which helped illustrate how things have changed in the world over the course of the restaurant’s history, for better or worse. Rooty's Corner included a Truman Show-style "Streaming Bearcam" feed of the A&W mascot going about his day. We even developed a "Burping Rooty Mobile App," allowing a new generation of kids to have a little fun with the Great Root Bear.