University of Kentucky Institutional TV 2015

by Jason Majewski

It’s a special time at the University of Kentucky. In fact, a case could be made that we’re witnessing the most ambitious and exciting period in the University’s tradition-rich 150-year history. An unprecedented campus transformation is taking place, reflected in both world-class building upgrades and a renewed commitment to growing through research, community development and fostering an atmosphere of academic excellence.

In a new series of Institutional TV spots, we looked to document the people and causes that are bringing such great momentum to this campus transformation. We wanted to capture the sense of pride and community that is making it all possible.  

Each spot showcases a unique mentor and mentee relationship, providing an authentic and refreshing glimpse into the outlook of the University.

 “If you have the power to write, if you have the power to create art, the power to invent—anything that’s transformative, why wouldn’t you?”

The first spot features Poet Laureate of Kentucky Professor Frank X Walker and Dorian Hairston, a student-athlete and aspiring writer/educator himself. Both speak to the academic atmosphere at UK, the immense power of the word, and a commitment to fulfilling one’s talents for a greater good.

“Let’s go explore the answers together.”

The second spot features Dr. Jody Clasey and Dr. Jill Day, and explores Dr. Clasey’s research in combating childhood obesity, a cause that she holds as more than a research subject, but a personal mission.

…And there’s more to come. Stay tuned.




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