Team Valvoline 2.0

by Jason Majewski

Valvoline was first established by Dr. John Ellis in 1866. That's an incredible legacy in and of itself. but it's what the company has accomplished in the 150 years since that has cemented the brand as an American icon, an unmistakable symbol of the automotive lifestyle and the community that embraces it.

So as Valvoline celebrates 150 Years Under the Hood, we were tasked with developing a high-powered online community, reward program and media hub to host ongoing content - a complete rebuild of the Team Valvoline platform we (Cornett) had previously developed.

Team Valvoline 2.0 is designed for the do-it-yourselfers, builders, collectors, mechanics, technicians, grassroots racers, hot rodders, tuners and lovers of all things auto that have helped build the Valvoline brand into something that transcends into subculture status, where allegiances to the brand are passed down through generations. But it also serves as a home to welcome new members into the community, a platform for entertainment, DIY tips and tricks, celebration of automotive heritage and plenty more.

In establishing a site aesthetic worthy of a 150 year-old American icon, we started by dusting off the Valvoline insignia that represented the brand from the late 1800s to the late 1970s. For decades, it's been the go-to print on t-shirts, hats and racecar decals - a badge of pride for those who welcome the label of "car guy." We looked to reestablish the classic Valvoline logo as a sort of masthead and symbol of the cultural aspects of the brand (to complement Valvoline's modern day product branding).

Treating the platform as editorial, we developed content publishing modules for video, articles, quizzes, podcasts and contests. This enables the brand to work with a variety of partners to develop content for the site's main categories: DIY, Racing, Legacy and Culture.

Working closely with Valvoline and their various agency partners (both English and Spanish-language), we equipped the site with a robust CRM and loyalty rewards program, relevant email communications, secure e-commerce and an editorial publishing platform for the Team Valvoline community to truly engage with the brand.

Recognizing and rewarding those who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty and creating content for those seeking to learn more, or just be entertained, extends beyond advertising and content marketing - it's about taking an iconic symbol of automotive culture and bridging it to the next generation of consumers.

Here's to the next 150.