Digiday Agency Innovation Camp

by Jason Majewski

Our very own Whit Hiler is helping mold young minds at Digiday's Agency Innovation Camp, an invite-only three-day event in Vail, Colorado "for the brightest minds from today's leading digital advertising agencies."

Mentoring throughout the three days and speaking among a who's-who of industry folks, Whit's presentation, "How to Sell Your Ideas Internally" is centered on pushing great ideas through the "gauntlet of trained idea killers" that we so often find within the walls of any agency (full description below). It's a valuable lesson, and a perpetual challenge for any creative to overcome.

Check out the video for a few clips of Whit's presentation, along with some good nuggets from his fellow presenters.

Oh, and Whit sent us a hand-written letter from camp, letting us know that he's making lots of friends and "absorbing so much positive Millennial energy. I feel like I'm ten years younger."

"How to Sell your Ideas Internally"

The struggle to sell your ideas is real! For most young professionals, the battle begins right there in their own agency. Way before their idea hits the client, they've got to get it through the gauntlet of trained idea killers: the art directors, creative directors, account planners, chief innovation officers, chief strategy officers, chief insight officers, chief technology officers, chief sitting bull, the officer officers, the mailman and the chief chief of agency chiefs. Unfortunately for most, many ideas never make it out of the notebook. It's not their fault, they're just not properly trained to fight for their ideas. We'll discuss how to give those 'idea killers' a swift kick to the nuts.